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Autostripper Fabric Sampling Machine

Used to cut sample cloths, our range of Autostripper Fabric Sampling Machine have gained popularity among a number of leading fashion houses owing to their unrivaled build quality and competitive pricing. The machine is manufactured in keeping with modern manufacturing techniques and helps optimize production process. Components used in the machine are corrosion resistant and last for years without succumbing to wear. Furthermore, in order to make certain that stable performance is delivered we subject each of our machines to stringent testing and also ensure that they are defect free. Today, our sampling machines are known for their low maintenance requirement and operational fluency and are popular in the market.
  • The machines are offered at competitive prices that offer the most in terms of value to customers.
  • The moving parts in the machine are resistant to wear and need only be replaced occasionally.
  • Spare components for the machines are readily available in the market at reasonable rates.
  • The machines are easy to operate and are designed to last for years.